Our Stories

Stories from Our Guests

The best way to convey what you can expect is to share actual testimonials from recent guests who decided to continue their relationship with our church.

Since attending First Apostolic Church, my life has changed. As a recent college graduate, I have goals and plans but did not know how I was going to make it. The church family helped me tremendously; they took time with me and reached out to help make my dreams come true. Now, I am excelling in my field and able to prepare for my future. As I become successful, my goal is to be a blessing to other young women just like First Apostolic Church helped me and I believe my purpose is to change lives with the gift I was given.

– Mimi S.

First Apostolic church is family. From the first day I walked into the church I was greeted with hugs and smiles. I did not know that kind of love still existed. The late Pastor J.A. Guthrie took me under her wing as her spiritual son and she guided me in the right direction. As I continue to build a strong foundation and a relationship with God, I am utterly grateful for Bishop and the late Pastor Guthrie and First Apostolic Church for their unwavering support and love they have shown me.

– Jerry M.

I’m so glad you invited me to church. I learned so much from Bishop and Pastor and I’m so happy and blessed to have known her. She helped me to see that I could let go of the things that were weighing me down and keep moving towards God’s purpose for my life.

– Sheena D.

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